Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Snaps,Photos,Piotr the snapper. Amateur Photography

Happy Snapper, Happy Snaps
The birds of the Swan River District, Western Australia. Happy Snapper, Amateur Photography, Photos, Photography has many uses for business, science, art and pleasure. These photos are just for fun of it - means strictly pleasure.

Anyone can take good photos with any camera, if you practice enough. Try take your photos in the mornings and evenings, use tripod whenever you can, and keep taking those photos in time you we'll see the different. Always have your camera with you, don't seat at home go out as often as you can. Parks are excellent to practice and take fantastic shots.

    Three manual shooting modes in the camera:
  1. Manual mode; this mode gives you full control of the camera
  2. AV mode; in this mode you control two settings ISO and aperture, shutter speed on auto.
  3. TV mode; in this mode you control exposure, ISO and shutter on auto.

Some photos of birds along the Swan and Helena rivers, bushlands, parks, wetlands. Helena valley is one of the small pockets of natural areas left untouched by urbanisation. Helena valley is perfect for bush walking and bird watching.

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Looking for a tips how to take perfect photos just enter "photo tips" in the search box above and you'll find hundreds of tips, tricks, techniques, and tutorials from professional and amateur photographers. You have to be prepare to take hundreds of photos of the same object with all different manual setups waste a lot of time in front of the computer and that's haw you'll learn, if you won't do that you'll be wasting time reading all the tips on the net.
Pupy; Mastiff cross Shar-Pei
Portuguese water dog

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